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Posted by: Loretta On: November 15, 2016

Multi-Language Vendors and the ‘Chain of Translation’

Over the past decade, the number of translation jobs that pass through large translation agencies—also known as Multi-Language Vendors (MLVs)—has increased to account for up to 60% of the total translation market. This means that translation jobs today are rarely conducted directly between client and translator. Instead, one single document often passes through multiple corporate levels and sometimes through the hands of multiple translators.

There are pros and cons to this growing business model. On the one hand, an increased number of people involved in the overall translation process can allow for more feedback, proofreading and an increase in overall quality assurance. On the other hand, it also makes direct client to translator communication impossible. This not only makes the translation process more impersonal; it also limits the translator’s ability to clarify details about the project, leaving them to work in a vacuum without necessarily understanding the client’s end goals. Furthermore, the inclusion of each additional corporate level requires the document to pass through additional bureaucratic checkpoints, drawing out the process and adding additional costs and fees to the service.

At Literalis, we know that your translated documents are a part of something bigger. That’s why we eliminate the middle corporate levels, so the nature of your translation project doesn’t get… well, lost in translation! We strive to bring you the intimacy of direct client to translator relations with the quality assurance of a larger firm—saving you both time and money!

We’ve mapped out the Chain of Translation as a document passes through an MLV, to help you better understand how today’s translation industry is structured—and where you fit in.




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